Intelligent WLAN body composition scale S3 Lite

Experience your body in a new way and stay healthy. The S3 lite will bring you there. WLAN / intelligent user recognition / ergonomic surface / ITO sensors / Fast and accurate measurement

WiFi connection with automatic detection for friends and family

Track your body development and that of your family. Recognise potential problems early. Intelligent user recognition with automatic data synchronisation between the cloud and your mobile device after the measurement.

Rectangular ergonomic shape with low center of gravity - for stable standing and comfortable use

The unique rectangular shape of the S3 Lite offers maximum comfort. The width of 34 cm gives the unibody case a more stable stand. The length of 26 cm makes the scale handy - even in less space.

Like a work of art - ITO sensors combine technology and design

The very good conducting ITO sensors not only reduce measurement errors. Only a thousandth of a millimetre thin, they integrate seamlessly into the glass surface. The ultra-white tempered glass is visible on the entire surface of the S3 Lite - a design of a special kind.

Ultra-white tempered glass - repeatedly polished to perfection

The surface is made of ultra-white, hardened aviation-grade glass, processed by 20 process steps and 8 screen printing steps and connected perfectly to the unibody housing. The smoothed edges and rounded corners complete the S3 Lite and turn the scales into a work of art.

EAN 6924917717049