S1 pro - body analysis from its most beautiful side

Ultra-fast configuration and synchronisation with your PICOOC app via Bluetooth. Easy, fast and carefree use.

Wider, lower, more stable

The worlds first body analysis scale with a rectangular shape of 34x26cm. The case is only 2cm high. The scale has a wide glass surface with a low center of gravity. Better stability and readability for each type of figure.

High performance sensors for more accuracy with every measurement

The high-precision weight sensors capture even the smallest changes in your body. Together with the BIA body fat microsensor, your body parameters are recorded faster and each measurement more accurate.

Safe and comfortable, for you and your family

The surface of the S1 pro is repeatedly honed ultrafine in the highest quality and the side edges are rounded. Safety and quality is of the utmost importance to us - our products have no corners: even children who play do not need to worry.

Larger surface and bigger feet. Higher stability for you

The unibody case of the S1 pro is designed to ensure a small radius of the rounded corners, the feets of the case fit perfectly and thus the distance to the outer edge is only 25mm. In this way, a maximum inclination angle of only 5 degrees is not exceeded. In addition, the plastic-encased silicone cushions in the feet ensure a better grip, which makes it difficult to tilt the scale when entering.

Like a work of art - light but resilient

The S1 Pro uses ultra-white tempered aviation-grade glass. It's light, but extremely resilient. As a result, the surface of the scale is perfectly protected against impact. To complete the artwork, the glass is cleaned several times, polished and treated 8 times with a screen printing process, until the surface is so perfect that it meets our requirements for the S1 pro.

EAN 6924917717117