Our little one - the Body Analyzer Mini

The PICOOC Mini has a square body with an edge length of only 26 cm and a height of only 2cm. This makes it small and lightweight, but does not sacrifice quality. A strengthened glass surface is just as natural as the beautiful PICOOC design.

Super fast configuration via Bluetooth

We've made sure that the connection and configuration between your mobile device and your Mini are smart. Easy and fast.

Pretty. And resistant.

The surface is made of tempered glass, into which the X-shape body sensors gently embed themselves. The large feet on the underside provide a stable stand.
The shapely Uni Body housing makes the scale even more robust.

High-performance sensors for even more precise measurements

The high-precision weight sensors capture even the smallest changes in your body. Together with the BIA body fat microsensor, your body information is captured faster and every measurement is more accurate.

Clear visible - day and night

Our mini is equipped with a red ultra-bright LED display, which invisibly fits under the glass surface. When activated, clearly visible and easy to read, even in strong sunlight.

EAN since 2018: white 6924917717124 / black 6924917717131 / (EAN til 2017 white 6924917717032 / black 69249177117025)