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A body analysis scale from PICOOC is more than just a body fat scale. Of course, PICOOC places value on the highest quality materials and the best design. In a body analysis, however, the algorithm is just as important as the scale itself. The precise sensors for weight measurement and BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) are only one part of the result, but are extremely important for the overall result.

Another and often neglected part is the algorithm that combines and accurately evaluates the measured data with the input data (such as age, gender, etc.). At PICOOC this is artificial intelligence. As a result, accurate values are obtained for the calculated analysis values such as body fat, muscle, water, bone, BMR, BMI, etc. Therefore, it is not advisable to use an app other than PICOOC for body fat measurement.

The algorithms run partly on the secure servers of PICOOC (which are for Europe located in Germany) and partly locally in your PICOOC App. As soon as we improve the algorithm, your data will automatically be adapted. This will keep you up to date with our development.

The connection with Bluetooth or WLAN is fast and reliable. A smart PICOOC personal scale is quickly configured and just as quickly ready for a measurement.

You can connect multiple users to a scale. With different mobile devices or with a device on your account as a co-user. Your measured data can be exported quickly and you can easily share it with friends.


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